The CWA project was a reboot of a 30 year old claims technology, built on green screen software! This was one of the most rewarding projects of my career. Health care has a real challenge with all of its legacy systems. It was my pleasure to reimagine a green screen tool for the modern day.

I travelled to New York City to test the product with claims adjusters who use the green screens 8 hours a day. It scored a 77.5 on the System Usability Scale and I still get emails asking when the software will launch.
To kickoff the work I hosted some Gamestorm sessions and we spent a few hours looking at the screens together and thinking big. We didn't dig into the features yet, instead asked what could this tool eventually be? If it were on the cover of TIME or WIRED, what would the headline and story be? We had fun concepting!
Check out the mobile version of this software; I was challenged to fit the UI into our division's core platform. 
(View CWA in DHN project)

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