The illustrations I were proposing were designed to be encircled and free-flowing with no boundaries to enable flexibility. That way others in the organization had many options when choosing imagery for their specific use, and the brand would move from feeling stale and unoriginal to new and versatile, as in this example of the depiction of blood.
Knowing the brand refresh was coming I immediately started integrated the new color palette and font recommendations to enhance my app designs. Below are examples of a fresh new mobile app concept that incorporated my take on the brand language and went far beyond the scope of the UI project.

I was trying to develop a holistic service concept that had a well-working, thoughtful digital component to it. 
Super passionate about all forms of digital design, beyond the scope of my UX work, I had the pleasure of working with the social media manager to present new Instagram story ideas. I used the new serif font in a larger, bolder way alongside the new illustration styles I dreamt up as a way to stand out in a visually saturated platform.

I created these custom building illustrations to use on social, depicting one of the organization's most iconic buildings in a new way. 

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