I consulted as a Service Designer inside the Optum Service Design Studio in the fall of 2017. Ask me about this research project for their UnitedHealthCare Client, a partnership between the Medicare & Retirement Group + AARP. 

I was super proud to follow a true human-centered design process, executing real research methodologies and helping the client gain a true sense of empathy for their target audience. Contact me to see more from this 3-month long research engagement.

We interviewed people between the ages of 50-64 to learn more about their wellness, views on retirement, finances and the supporters in their lives. They were very active discussions, as you can see from the materials above, where we asked each participant to engage in several activities that enhanced their story telling and deepened our sense of understanding. Through this, we discovered several themes..

We interviewed such different people from this demographic and quickly realized the innovative solution our client was looking for would have to speak to all of these persona types. Below is the language I created to describe the various lifestyles and points of views our interviewees represented. 

Before we got to solutioning it was important for us to provide our client with a set of design guidelines, or principles, to design by to ensure we're honoring the true needs and desires of the real people we met with. 

Ask me more about this project when we meet! Would love to share more. 

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